New Zealand Spagmoss 1Kg

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Besgrow Spagmoss Makes 8L when hydrated Commerical grade, S. cristatum; length of at least 6-inches / 100 mm for 70% of product. Attractive light brown/cream color with some green tips. Sphagnum moss is a versatile, long-lasting product renowned for its water holding capacity. Most commonly used by commercial growers and hobbyists for cultivating various orchid species, assisting with the growth of young plants, as a decorative enhancement and as a liner for hanging baskets.


    • Very clean, no sticks or trash
    • 70% of product is 100mm+ long, light tan, cream color with some green tips
    • Harvested from carefully managed, sustainable swamps to guarantee availability
    • Naturally air dried to preserve the optimal quality

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