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Inclusive of the best bird food and treats, proper bird medications are also required to keep them healthy, clean, and happy. Various supplements sometimes pet parents require to make their pets comfortable from several wounds, and skin itching, and to relieve their cough.

Kwik Pets serves a variety of bird medications that will not only provide relief from pain to the feathered pets but will also aid rapid recovery from any disease. Sometimes our pets face various issues and become uncomfortable due to itching and other wounds. To heal pets from such issues, we have a wide range of medications to provide instant relief to their allergies, hot spots, and wounds. We have a wide collection of bird medicines, stress and anxiety relief, antibiotics for birds, and many other products your veterinarian might prescribe for pets. It is always recommended to consult once with the veterinarian before giving any medication to the pets.

We also have a wide range of ear and eye drops for birds to take care of the birds that you might need to make them happy and healthy. Styptic powder for birds is another important medication that you can add to your kit from Kwik Pets. This styptic powder helps to stop bleeding if an accidental cut or wound is appearing while trimming your bird’s nails.

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