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Fruitables is a well-known brand when it comes to best dog treats and effective dental cat treats. With healthy treats for dogs and cats, Fruitables offers a broad spectrum of treats to not only satiate the chewing instinct but also provide a tasty delight for every dog and cat to enjoy. This brand not only entices dogs with Fruitables soft dog treats but also comes up with dental cat treats and dog chews for the overall dental health of your furry companions. 

Fruitables from the house of Compana Pet Brands, are manufactured under expert guidance. These Fruitables dog treats and other varieties use the same method when baking treats, which is healthier for dogs. The company uses real fruits, vegetables, and proteins to make healthy and delicious treats. With Fruitables, you can explore a variety of flavors for your fur friends. Fruitables are a healthy way to treat or reward your pet while avoiding overindulging in calories as they are made with CalorieSmart formulation. With their high fiber content, antioxidant content, and low-calorie count per treat, each treat is a special healthy treat for dogs and cats. 

At KwikPets, we offer a wide range of Fruitables treats for your furry companions. Whether you are looking for Fruitables skinny minis or a collection of Fruitables soft dog treats, we have them all. Our treat shelf also includes peanut butter dog treats and pumpkin dog treats, among other varieties. 

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