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Cat Health & Wellness

Maintaining proper health and wellness is the priority of every pet parent. This also includes maintaining the oral hygiene of your feline pets. Because dental problems lead to severe health conditions in pets. Dental issues in cats begin with the formation of plaque and tartar in the mouth which leads to inflammation and periodontal infections. If left untreated may lead to serious issues like bleeding gums, loss of teeth, and several stomach infections.

Kwik Pets understand the importance of maintaining the dental health of your cats and hence serves the best quality dental care kits that help you in keeping your feline pets' oral health in check. We serve various cat dental care products required to keep the teeth of cats clean like cat toothpaste, cat toothbrush, finger toothbrush, finger toothbrush gloves, dental rinse, etc. 

Other than dental issues, cats may suffer from several other issues like flea & tick infections, anxiety, stress, ear & eye infections, digestive issues like upset stomach, skin irritations, etc. Flea & tick is one of the most concerning issues in furry pets, no parent wishes to see their pet suffering from that issue. As a single flea can make your pet restless and could be the reason for serious health issues in pets. Kwik Pets is here with varieties of different products that help in getting rid of flea and tick infections from your furry pets like flea & tick shampoo & conditioner, flea tick waterless bath, cat deodorizing wipes, flea & tick spot-on medications, flea & tick spray, etc.

To get fast relief from several other infections and diseases Kwik Pets is here with varieties of cat health and wellness products like eye infection wipes, ear mite treatment medications, cat flea & tick medications, cheristin for cats, anxiety & stress relief, upset digestive relief for cats, urine & stain destroyer, ear cleaner for cats, hairball relief for cat, and several other products required to keep the health of feline pets in check.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some common health problems from which cats may suffer. Those are flea and tick infections, dental health issues, tapeworms, stress and anxiety, eye and ear infections, etc. However, there is no need to worry as Kwik Pets is here with cat health and wellness supplies to maintain the overall health of your feline pets in check.
Some basic checks that should be easily done at home to maintain the wellness of cats. Regular brushing, using flea and tick preventative products, urine and stain destroyer, using calming collars or calming spray when required, etc. Along with that, it is also important to use high-quality cat litter supplies and make sure to change it regularly and clean it properly so that it won’t cause any infections.
There are varieties of cat vitamins and supplements available in the marketplace that helps to maintain their overall health in check. However, some food products are prepared using all essential vitamins and nutrients required for a healthy body for a cat. Thus, it is recommended to consult with the veterinarian once so that he will guide you about providing multivitamins based on the food your cat is eating.