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Dental Chew Treats for Cats

Cat dental treats are beneficial for your cat's dental health as they aid in reducing tartar and plaque buildup. Treats and chews are not only a great source to reward cats or kittens' but are also a good option to maintain proper dental hygiene. Browse through the cat dental treats and cat calming treats that will take care of the teeth and gums of the lovely pets as they protect them from various dental health issues. Because dental issues lead to several digestive and heart problems. Bad dental conditions lead to serious gastrointestinal issues.

Dental cat treats are designed to support your feline friend's dental health, working to minimize tartar and plaque buildup for better oral hygiene. Kwik Pets serves cat breath treats to make your pets feel fresh that not only improves their breath but also helps them in removing plaque and tartar from their teeth. Cat toothpaste is also available in different flavors and fragrance that attracts your feline pets. Cats don’t allow to brush their teeth easily and don’t like it if parents do it forcefully. While brushing their teeth you might require cat calming aids that help your pets to keep them calm.

Regular brushing sometimes becomes a tough task and won’t be possible for parents to brush their cats' teeth regularly. Thus, Kwik Pets is here with cat dental treats that create biting textures in the cat’s teeth by removing Cat food particles that might result in plaque and tartar formation in the cat’s teeth and gums. These are also helpful in removing all the bad breath from your pet's mouth. 

We also recommend you visit the veterinarian once annually to make sure to check the dental health of your lovely feline friends. You can shop for the variety of brands available for cat dental treats like Greenies, Petstages, and Temptation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Cat dental treats come in different sizes and textures that create biting textures in cats that when cats chew them, they scratch against tartar and plaque buildup from the cat’s teeth and gums. This helps in removing hard and harmful plaque formed from the teeth as this may lead to various dental problems resulting in severe harmful heart and gastrointestinal diseases.
Serving cat dental treats to cats depends on various factors like their age, breed, size, life stage, and lifestyle. One needs to make sure that they are not feeding more than 10% of calories to cats per day. It is always a better choice to consult with the veterinarian once before feeding any treats and chews to cats to get an exact idea about how and when to feed cats. As per recommendations, here are the normal cat treats feeding guidelines: 5 to 10 lb: 6-8 pieces per serving 10 to 15 lb: 8-10 pieces per serving Over 15lb: 10-12 pieces per serving
Greenies have shown positive results in keeping the teeth and gums of feline pets clean and fresh. Its crunchy textures, sizes, and different flavors attract cats’ taste buds and cats chase to have them. It is very helpful in scratching plaque and tartar which is a buildup in feline teeth. Greenies cat dental treats also help in removing bad breath by providing clean and fresh breath to felines.
The best cat dental treats are usually hard and porous to remove plaque and tartar with every bite. But the best treats in the world for cleaning won't mean a thing if your cat doesn't like them enough to eat them. Look for healthy, tasty treats with natural ingredients and not too many additives or fillers. Reading reviews may help you find out which brands cats really like. Kwikpets has a great selection of cat dental treats and lots of reviews for your research!
Cat dental treats can effectively remove plaque and prevent tartar buildup on teeth. Feed them according to the package instructions and don't give too many, since they are treats. Dental treats are no replacement for teeth brushing and regular veterinary checkups, but they can help!