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Flea & Tick Control

While discussing the health and wellness factors of canine pets, fleas and ticks are one of the common diseases from which our lovely furry pets often suffer. We understand the importance of a properly balanced diet and regular exercise to keep our pets fit and healthy both mentally and physically. With that, it is also important to make sure that our pets don't suffer from fleas and ticks because these slightest skin irritations can lead to deadly harmful diseases. Dog fleas and ticks are very harmful and can even spread to humans from pets.

Fleas & ticks can easily occur in your pets from any outdoor pet or animal, tall grasses or bushes, and even from nature. Skin irritations and itching are the most common symptoms that you may notice in your pooch suffering from fleas and tick infections. This is because when fleas bite a dog, flea saliva leaves the skin aggravated which leads to the dog’s skin itching and biting at that particular location. This irritation is very uncomfortable for dogs that could even lead to harsh scratching in that location which might even result in fur loss that can cause serious wounds in that area. Fleas can also transmit tapeworms to your dog

Kwik Pets always strive to serve the best products for flea and tick prevention for dogs like vet's best flea and tick spray, Adams flea and tick collar, fleas medicines for dogs, and other options as per requirement. You can also get flea and tick shampoo from Kwik Pets that hurt removing fleas and ticks from dogs' health. These treatments can be used in addition to your oral hygiene routine in the form of topical preventives, which you can find easily on Kwik Pets regardless of your dog’s breed, lifestyle or size.

You can also shop for flea and tick powder, fleas, and tick wipes for dogs and puppies to take proper care of their health. Regular use of flea and tick collars reduces the chances of infection from fleas and ticks on your pets as it may lead to ringworms and tapeworms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many flea and tick medications and sprays are available online that can be ordered without any prescription. However, some medications mandatorily require a prescription to order that particular flea and tick medication. Thus, it is always best to consult with a veterinarian once to get a better idea of which medication is best to be given to dogs.
Flea and tick infections can lead to serious health issues in dogs or puppies like wounds, serious skin irritations, intestinal infections, etc. These infections also make your pet uncomfortable, thus, it is very important to protect your pet from any flea and tick infection and if required it is fine to apply flea and tick medications to get rid of such harmful issues.
The most convenient and fast way to get rid of flea and tick infection from dogs is to use flea and tick shampoo or fast-acting pills for fleas and ticks as they start showing results by killing fleas within hours of applying it. Regular flea combing of your dog is also helpful in removing existing fleas from their fur and coat.