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Amphibian Food

Feeding amphibians is not an easy task as their nutritional requirements and tastes vary a lot as per their natural requirements. We understand your concern and to get this issue sorted, Kwik Pets is here to serve the best food for amphibians that will provide the adequate amount of nutrition to amphibians that are required to live a healthy life and keep them happy with their favorite taste food. Here you will get the best quality with top-rated branded green tree frog food, red shrimp food, bearded dragon food, iguana food, frog and tadpole food, aquatic turtle food, crickets’ reptile wet food, tortoise block food, mealworms, and various other pet’s food as per your requirement. 

Kwik Pets serves various aquatic turtle food that contains dried red shrimp, mealworms, and turtles’ bones. Here you will find turtle food in all forms i.e., canned, freeze-dried, or in the form of kibble. We try to serve the best top-rated brands for amphibians’ food like Nature Zone, Fluker’s, and Zoo Med. The best and healthiest amphibian food always depends upon the species of pet you have. Hence you should always go through a complete guide of what and what not to give your pets before feeding anything to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most amphibians like to consume nearly any live food that they can handle to catch and ingest. Spiders, insects, slugs, snails, and earthworms start the main portion of the diet of most grown-up amphibians. More extensive species, like the ornate horned toad, will swallow larger prey, sometimes even mice. Shop Kwik Pets as here you will get a wide range of food products that help in maintaining your amphibian's health.
Amphibians such as toads and frogs are carnivores as grown-ups, consuming insects and sometimes small vertebrates. Yet, as tadpoles, they are herbivores consuming algae and decaying matter. Newts and salamanders are usually carnivores that eat insects, though some species require to eat a balanced diet of pellets to maintain proper nutrition.
While talking about how much to feed amphibians, adult amphibians should be fed around 10-20% of their body weight each week that too in 2-3 separate feedings. Juvenile frogs should be fed more continually every day or so relying on their size, but they should be fed in smaller amounts. Complete feeding guidelines are mentioned on every packaged food product that should be followed for maintaining proper nutrition and health.