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Cat Toys

Playtime increases your bonding with your feline companions. Who doesn’t like to play with cute kittens or cats? Cat toys play a vital role in making your pets happy and also help you in maintaining the physical health of the cats with their mental health.

Cat puzzle toys make cats eager to solve the puzzle quickly which will increase their mental ability as you might also fill their favorite treats in it. At Kwik Pets, you get a variety of different cat toys available at low prices like balls, interactive cat toys, kitten teething toys, and many other options. These toys will not only keep your pets engaged but will also develop their physical health to keep them fit and healthy. For active cats, you will get cat ball toys, rubber bouncing ball cat toys, cat wands, etc. that will keep them engaged for a long period. 

If your cat loves to interact more with new things, you can also choose interactive cat toys that will help in keeping your cat engaging their mind which will also release stored energy for running and playing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The selection of the best cat toys varies on different cats' behavior. Teasers, balls, catnip-filled toys, mice, tunnels, puzzles, stuffed toys, etc are just a few options that can be considered. It is observed that cats enjoy varieties of toy options. Thus, try to get different types of cat toys so that you can get an idea of which toy your cat loves to play with.
To keep your cat engaged and fulfill all her instincts, one must select atleast 4-5 different toys. As per the instincts of felines, they like to get different toys to keep them contented and entertained. Thus, if one provides more toys to pets, it will be helpful to keep them happy and engaged.
There are different types of catnip toys available in the market. Try using both types of catnip like one natural one and other stuffed-in toys as some cats enjoy toys with catnip, while others do not seem particularly fond of it. They like to enjoy natural catnip.