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Poultry & Chicken Supplies

Poultry is one of the fun things for people who love animals. There is much good poultry in the USA. We have chicken that is meat or poultry, poultry chicken, and also chicken scratch poultry. With the variety of chick-a-ray poultry supplies from Farm & Home Supply, you can raise happy, healthy hens for meat and eggs. With poultry fountains and feeders, you can adequately feed your hens. Put our premium chicken feed in your poultry feeders. Pick from specialized recipes designed for meat hens, egg-laying birds, and chicks. 

Additionally, mealworm chicken treats are a great way to reward your chickens. Diatomaceous earth is one of the ingredients in our chicken medicines and dietary supplements. With our nesting boxes, you can provide a secure nesting area for your hens. Utilize one of our egg collection baskets to gather the eggs from your laying hens. Using one of our top-notch chicken egg incubators, you may also raise the next generation of hens for your farm. Make incubation easier by using an automatic egg-turner. 

Other practical poultry accessories include flycatchers and other pest management equipment. ADM, Nutrena, MannaPro, Little Giant, Happy Hen, Farm Innovators, and YardGard are a few of the products we sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must choose whether to buy chicks or fully grown chickens once you have everything you need to keep happy and healthy hens. 1 Consider a heat source. 2 Food and clean water are always available. 3 Supple bedding 4 Defense against predators.
Chickens drink 500 ml to 1 L of water every day, thus they require a steady supply of clean water. So make sure they have access to fresh water at all times. Or they risk dehydration. Regular deworming of your hens is required, and deworming products can be acquired from a veterinarian or pet supply store.
Daily feeding and water changes are required for chickens. To keep them safe from predators, they must be taken out of the coop every morning and returned at sunset every night. Eggs need to be collected twice daily. Weekly cleaning of the coop and pen is necessary to maintain hygienic conditions and prevent odors.
The following are the main tenets of poultry health management: 1 Preventing illness 2 Early illness detection 3 Early illness treatment It is important to prevent disease as much as possible. Disease prevention is simpler and less harmful than disease treatment. But it's important to remember that not all diseases may be avoided. Some will unavoidably slip through the defenses, in which case it is crucial to identify the condition as soon as to enable treatment or other necessary action to be implemented as soon as possible to bring the situation under control and minimize harm to the flock.
Kwik Pets have poultry products, which are a great help in taking care of the animals and giving them the best help. Our products are low in cost and have wide ranges.