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ASI Aquarium Sealant is the ultimate solution for creating a watertight environment for aquatic pets. It is a high-quality silicone adhesive that makes solid, cohesive connections to glass without primers. It is 100% fish-safe after curing and can endure temperatures ranging from -57°C to +233°C (-70 °F to 450°F). 

When bonding glass for aquariums, use a silicone sealant like ASI aquarium silicone. Avoid soap and water mixtures and finger and hand oils, as they can harm aquatic supplies and décor. Use clean gloves and dry the glass with a lint-free cloth or hot, oil-free air. ASI 502 silicone sealant is also a good option for bonding glass.

If you plan to introduce fish to an aquarium, taking all the necessary precautions is essential. At Kwik Pets, we recommend checking the aquarium for leaks before adding fish. It's also a good idea to watch for any signs of leakage, even after filling the aquarium with water and letting it settle for a few days. Following these steps ensures your fish will have a safe and happy home in your Kwik Pets aquarium.

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