Small Animal Hay & Grass

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 When we talk about small animals, many consider it easy to take care of them. It is important to provide good food, shelter, and surroundings to them, but apart from them, one more thing which is important is the small animal hay & grass All the small animal rabbit, rat, pig and more needs the hay and grass as their natural habitat. 

Small animal hay is quite important for them, it gives them good environmental support and creates a reliable surrounding around them by offering or feeding them the hay. Same way Small animal grass works both ways, like as a feeder and putting them in their surroundings. Kwik pets have amazing Pet supplies for small animals, which feeds the small animals food and gives them the required protein in their life. Kwik understands that not just food but small animals also need hay and grass to grow healthy and adapt to the surrounding environment. 

Animals love to eat and it's safe for them to eat healthy snacks like vegetables, fruits, hay, and grass throughout the day. However, everything they eat must be given in small amounts. Grass hay is high in fiber and low in protein and calcium compared to alfalfa hay, so it's mostly given to smaller animals to prevent them from becoming obese or developing urinary problems.

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