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The Horse ear plugs in the Pomms Smooth Style from Equine Healthcare International help prevent your four-legged friend from hearing distracting or loud noises. By stimulating acupressure points in the inner ear, they have a cozy, discrete design that encourages relaxation. These Equine Healthcare International Premium Horse Earplugs Help Guard Your Pony's Sensitive Ears Against Wind, Water, And Debris While Maintaining a Normal Tone of Hearing For Your Companion. 

They are made of sturdy rubber and are machine washable for simple maintenance. Whether you're showing your pony or just taking her for a trot, these earplugs from Equine Healthcare International, It is made in the USA. You can help them feel more at ease. The Equine Healthcare International Pomms - Horse Ear Plugs Can Help Your Horse Hear Normal Tones. These Plugs Are Made To Reduce Loud And Distracting Noises. The POMMS Pony Earplugs Black are soft, comfortable, and pliable, so you won't have to worry about them falling out because they are secure.

Earplugs that reduce the amount of distracting or loud noises your four-legged friend can hear. With A Comfortable, Discreet Design And Durable Rubber. It also encourages relaxation by activating Acupressure points in your companion's inner ear. This product allows Your Pony To Hear Normal Tone While Protecting Her Ears From Wind, Water, And Debris. The USA-made products of Earplugs That Are Comfortable For Horses 14 Hh And Taller. They have a tight fit to prevent falling out of your horse's ears. They are unbothered, so your horse won't fidget when using them. It is flexible and soft and Reusable 100% washable.

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