Zoo Med Repti Tuff Splashproof Halogen Lamp White 50W

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Turtle Tuff, A Heavy Duty Splash-proof Halogen Lamp. For Use With All Types Of Aquatic Turtles And Other Aquatic Terrarium Pets. They Are Long Lasting And Available In 50w, 75w, And 90w Sizes.

Key Benefits

  • Zoo Med Turtle Tuff Halogen Lamp Is Recommended For All Types Of Aquatic Turtles And Other Water-based Terrarium Animals.
  • Turtle Tuff Halogen Lamps Feature A Special "Splash Proof" Design That Allows Drops Of Water To Hit It Without Causing It To Burst.
  • This Long-lasting Halogen Lamp Has An Average Burn Life Or 2500 Hours.
  • This Lamp Acts Primarily As A Heat Source, Generating Uva But Not Uvb Rays.

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