Zoo Med Nano Banquet Fish Feeding Block 0.3 oz, Mini

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Time Release food Block made especially for sucker-mouth type Catfish. Contains algae and wood fiber necessary for the long term health of your Catfish. Time release food block is great as a vacation feeder. Great supplemental food source for difficult feeders. Provides opportunity for bottom feeders to wear mouthparts naturally. Additional Information:Place one Pleco Banquest Block per 2-3 small catfish or one medium to large size catfish being fed. Add multiple Pleco Blocks if you notice aggression during feeding time. Can be used for fresh or saltwater fish.
  • Time-release feeder
  • For Shrimp, crabs, crayfish and Fish
  • For fresh and Saltwater
  • Zoo Med Laboratories Nano Banquet Block Mini
  • Will not cloud the water and is formulated for fresh and saltwater species
  • Great supplemental food source for difficult feeders

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