Zilla Replacement Filter Cartridges Large

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Medium And Large Replacement Filter Cartridges For Filters Included With Zilla® Deluxe Aquatic Turtle Kits. Also For Use With Basking Platform Filters And Aquatic Reptile Internal Filters.

Key Benefits

  • Replacement Filter Cartridges For Zilla Deluxe And Premium Aquatic Turtle Kits (Basking Platform Filter 40g And Aqueon 30)
  • Contains Activated Carbon And Dense Floss That Traps Fine Debris.
  • Replace Cartridges Once Monthly, When They Get Clogged Or When Water Enters The Filter Bypass.
  • Simply Remove Used Cartridge From The Bio-holster, Rinse New Cartridge And Insert New Cartridge Facing Towards The "Front".
  • Do Not Clean The Bio-holster When Replacing The Filter Cartridge As It Contains Living Beneficial Bacteria.

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