Vitakraft Drops with Dandelion Treat for Small Animals 5.3 oz

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Vitakraft's Chinchilla Dandelion Drops are a delightful dandelion based snack that provides your chinchilla's diet with variety and loads of healthy nutrients. Specially formulated with essential lecithin to promote overall good health. Resealable bag keeps treats fresh and tasty. Chinchilla dandelion drops are a popular tidbit containing dandelion, various vitamins, natural whey protein, essential lecithin and no artificial colorings that your chinchilla will love.

Key Benefits

  • Made With Dandelion.
  • Provides Your Chinchilla'S Diet With Variety And Loads Of Healthy Nutrients.
  • Made With Dandelion And Tastes Great.
  • Contains Various Vitamins And Protein To Provide Your Chinchilla With A Healthy Lifestyle.
  • No Artificial Colorings.

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