Simple Solution Extreme Urine Destroyer 32 fl oz

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Simple Solution Extreme Urine Destroyer is an effective tool for eliminating stubborn urine stains and odor. A new Continuous Power Spray penetrates deep into carpet fibers, allowing our 3X Pro-Bacteria™ and enzyme formula to break down, neutralize, and permanently remove urine stains and odor at the source. Don’t just cover up a persistent smell, eliminate it and discourage future marking of the same spots.
  • Extremely Strong - Simple Solution Extreme Pet Urine Destroyer Has A New 3x Pro-bacteria™ And Enzyme Formula That Organically Eliminates Extreme Urine Odors And Stains.
  • Easy Deep Cleaning - The New Continuous Power Spray Penetrates Deep Into Carpet Fibers To Reach Odor At The Source And Effectively Lift Out The Toughest Pet Stains.
  • Don’t Just Cover-up - Enzymatic Technology Breaks Down Dog Urine Proteins To Remove Stains And Neutralize Odors.
  • No More Repeat Visits - Helps Prevent Repeat Marking By Eradicating The Source Of Pet Urine Stains And Odor.
  • Tough On Stains, Not On Your Family - Safe To Use Around Your Children And Pets When Used As Directed.

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