Seachem Laboratories Prime Ammonia Detoxifier 250Ml/8.5 oz

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Prime Is The Complete And Concentrated Conditioner For Both Fresh And Salt Water. Prime Removes Chlorine, Chloramine And Ammonia. Prime Converts Ammonia Into A Safe, Non-toxic Form That Is Readily Removed By The Tank's Biofilter. Prime May Be Used During Tank Cycling To Alleviate Ammonia/nitrite Toxicity. Prime Detoxifies Nitrite And Nitrate, Allowing The Biofilter To More Efficiently Remove Them. Prime Also Promotes The Production And Regeneration Of The Natural Slime Coat. Prime Is Non-acidic And Will Not Impact Ph. Prime Will Not Overactivate Skimmers. Use At Start-up And Whenever Adding Or Replacing Water.

Key Benefits
  • Seachem Prime Is A Complete And Concentrated Conditioner For Both Freshwater And Saltwater Fish Tanks, Working Hard To Remove Chlorine And Chloramine.
  • Seachem Prime Immediately And Permanently Removes Chlorine And Chloramine, Successfully Allowing The Bio Filter To Remove Ammonia, Nitrite, And Nitrate While They Are Detoxified For 48 Hours.
  • Seachem Prime Effectively Detoxifies Ammonia, Nitrite, And Heavy Metals Found In The Tap Water At Typical Concentration Levels, Providing A Ideal Environment For Your Betta, Tetra, Or Other Fish.
  • Use 1 Capful (5 Ml) Of Seachem Prime For Each 200 L (50 Us Gallons) Of New Or Replacement Water. For Best Results, Add Seachem Prime To New Water First. For Exceptionally High Chloramine Concentrations, A Double Dose May Be Used Safely. For Smaller Volumes, Use 2 Drops Per Gallon.
  • In Case Of An Emergency, The 5x Dose Of Seachem Prime May Be Used For Both Ammonia And Nitrite. Use A ½ Dose If The Water Temperature Is > 30°c (86°f) And Chlorine Or Ammonia Levels Are Low.

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