Sea-Lab #28 Automatic Replenisher Block 2lb Box

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Automatically Controls Concentrations Of 28 Elements Including Calcium, Strontium And All 15 Essential Trace Elements. Removes Heavy Metals And Limits Ammonia And Phosphate While Helping To Buffer Aquarium Ph. Available In: 1/2 Lb Container (As Pictured) The 1 Kg. Block Treats Over 100 Gallons. Block Box Contains 24 Blocks (2 Lbs) Saltwater Use Only.

Key Benefits

  • Restores And Maintains The Concentration Of Calcium, Strontium And All Trace Elements At The Same Levels Found In The Sea, Automatically.
  • Formula #28 Always Works, And Cannot Be Overdosed.
  • This Is Not A Slow-dissolve Or Time-release Product. It Dissolves Only To Replace Depleted Elements.

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