Lee's Aquarium & Pets Acrylic Aquarium Scrubber Pad for Acrylic Aquariums White 6 In X 9 in, Jumbo

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Keeping An Aquarium In Pristine Condition Takes Work, But Products Like Lee’s Aquarium & Pets Acrylic Aquarium Scrubber Pad Are Designed To Help Make Aquarium Maintenance Easy. This Cleaning Pad Helps Remove Algae, Scum And Grime From The Inside Of Your Finned Friends’ Tank.

Key Benefits

  • Heavy Duty, Long Lasting Scrubber For Large Cleaning Jobs For Acrylic/white.
  • Packaging Cardboard Sleeve With Hanger Tab.
  • Quickly And Easily Scrubs Away Unsightly Algae From Your Aquarium.
  • Use The Large Scrubber Pad As Is For Larger Areas, Or Cut It Into Smaller Pieces For A More Detailed Cleaning.

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