Kaytee Wild Bird Food Nyjer® Seed Finch Sock Twin Pack™ Instant Feeder 26 oz

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With the Kaytee Nyjer Seed Finch Sock Feeder, you’ll have no problem attracting and feeding your backyard finches. This feeder was made just for them, and it features the soft mesh sock they prefer over tube feeders. The unique design provides multiple perching options and allows several birds to eat at the same time. It includes two socks that are already filled with premium Kaytee thistle seed, so you can hang them in different areas of the yard or keep one as a backup.
  • Kaytee Finch socks are instant feeders that are perfect for finches, siskins and other small birds that prefer feeding from soft mesh socks. Wild Finches prefer the Straight Replacement Socks, over tube feeders, hands down!
  • Two finch sock feeders with seed included
  • Discard old food before refilling and clean feeder regularly to minimize mold and bacteria
  • This product is only intended for feeding wild birds
  • Sock feeders for nyjer or thistle seed
  • Feeders are 2.125 long x 6.125 wide x 7.625 high

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