Fluker's Liquid Vitamin Reptile Supplement, 1.7 Oz

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Our Fluker's Liquid Calcium And Vitamin Supplement For All Reptiles Is A High Quality Liquid Calcium And Vitamins That Are Easy To Use.fluker's Liquid Vitamin Reptile Supplement Gives Your Reptile The Essential All-natural Vitamins He Needs. It Helps Support The Function Of Many Body Systems, Decreasing The Likelihood Of Illness Due To Vitamin Deficiencies.

Key Benefits

  • The Calcium Drops Can Either Be Placed Directly Into The Mouth Of Your Pet Reptile Or Added To Food Or Your Pet As Water Bowl.
  • This Supplement Is For Use With All Reptiles And Amphibians.
  • Vitamin D, Essential To The Absorption Of Calcium From The Intestine And To Heart Health, Is Also Provided.
  • Vitamin E, A Potent Antioxidant Nutrient That Supports The Body's Overall Defenses, Along With Several B Vitamins Offers Immune Support.

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