Bags On Board Waste Pick-up Bags Refill Yellow, Pink, Purple, Blue 60 Ct

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Perfect For The Dog Who Is No Longer Full Of It, You Will Believe Cleaning Up Poop Can Be A Pleasant Experience. More Compact, With Fewer Moving Parts Than A Scooper, Bags On Board Dog Waste Bags Are Portable, Roomy, And Ergonomically Sound. Strong, Durable, And Thick Enough To Keep The Poo Comfortably Off Your Hands. And A Larger Size Bag Means It's Easier To Close Up, Even If Your Dog's Droppings Resemble Those Of A Much Larger Mammal.

Key Benefits

  • Simple, Ergonomic, & Germ Free - Bags On Board Dog Poop Bags Are A Proven Solution For Dog Poop Removal, Containment, And Disposal. Fewer Moving Parts Than A Complicated Scooper, And Way Less Gross Than Using Your Bare Hands.
  • New, Larger Bags - The New, Larger Size Of These Waste Pickup Bags (9 X 14 Inches) Makes For A Roomy Container That Can Accommodate Even A Large Dog’s Droppings, While Still Easy To Tie Up.
  • 100% Leak-proof, Guaranteed - Strong And Durable Dog Waste Bags Are Thick Enough To Hold Any Mess And Dull Your Manual Sensation Just Enough So You Can Pretend You’re Picking Up Literally Anything Else.

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