API Algae Eater Premium Sinking Wafer Fish Food 6.4 oz

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Formulated With A Rich Blend Of Algae Including Spirulina For Essential Micronutrients And Optimal Health, Pea Protein Proven To Be A Superior Plant Protein Source For Digestibility And Growth, And A Natural Pre-biotic To Build Natural Defenses.

Key Benefits

  • Contains One (1) Api Algae Eater Wafers Algae Wafer Fish Food 6.4-ounce Container.
  • Made With Nutrient Rich Blend To Provide Algae Eaters With A Complete And Balanced Diet.
  • Includes Algae And Omega-3 Fatty Acids That Algae-eating Fish Need For Optimal Health And Growth.
  • Formulated To Help Fish More Readily Use Nutrients Which Means Less Waste And Clean, Clear Water.
  • Feed Up To Twice A Day The Amount Of Food Your Fish Will Consume Within 2 Hours.