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Milk-Bone dog treats created the first dog biscuit treat made in the United States as a way to show pet parents how much they care. Since 1908, they've helped bring milk bone dog treats and people together with their iconic bone-shaped treats. Today, you can treat your dog to over 20 different delicious Milk-Bone varieties.

For over a hundred years, milk bones for dogs have been a trusted brand for pet parents looking to treat their dogs to something special. With wholesome flavors, nutrition, and irresistible crunch, milk bone dog biscuits are perfect for motivating, rewarding, or surprising your dog. And Dog Treats have a variety of shapes, styles, flavors, and special recipes available, there's a Milk-Bone treat for every dog at Petco. Give your dog a delicious treat with Milk-Bone Original dog biscuits. These biscuits are prepared with care and will give your dog the simple, genuine joy that your dog gives you every day. With a classic crunch and a wag-worthy taste, Milk-Bone dog biscuits help freshen dogs' breath and reduce tartar build-up. Enjoy all those sloppy doggie kisses with a brand you can trust.

Looking for a quality dog biscuit that both your furry friend and you can feel good about? This 10-pound box of medium-sized dog biscuits contains just that! Made with a crunchy texture to help clean teeth and freshen breath, these bite-sized treats are also fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals to keep dogs at their best. And at only 40 calories per biscuit, they make a great, guilt-free snack for medium-sized dogs over 20 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Milk-Bone snacks are produced in the United States. Most of Milk-other Bone's goodies, including all of their dog biscuits, are made at American Milk-Bone factories.
Unopened Milk-Bones should be kept until the "Best if Used By" date. For optimal freshness after opening, keep Milk-Bone candies firmly packed in a cool, dry location. When properly stored, opened Milk Bones can last for several months.
Depending on the amount of Milk-Bone treat you offer and the size of your dog, dogs can consume 1 to 5 Milk Bones every day. For recommended feeding amounts based on your dog's weight and the particular Milk-Bone kind, consult the package directions. Recall that 10% of your dog's daily caloric intake should not come from treats.
Milk-Bone® Brushing Bites® are safe to feed dogs every day when given as instructed. The quality and safety of our products are extremely important to us because we are a company of pet lovers.
Kwik Pets have a wide variety of milk bone options, which gives your dogs good health at cost-friendly prices. We make sure to have the best quality products for your pets.