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Cat Treats

Treats and chews are the rewards for every great work pets do. It is also a great method to keep them engaged, happy, and contented. Cats and kittens become very excited if they get treats of their choice. Best cat treats depend on the nature, life stage, and dietary requirements of the cat's taste and breed. It also encourages them to perform better during every training session and learning session by making them learn good habits easily.

There are varieties of cat treats and chews available at Kwik Pets that come in different sizes, textures, and most importantly different flavors that cats chase and love to have. Catnip treats and toys are one of the most effective ways that increase their sense of curiosity. Catnip is very useful in making playtime with cats more enjoyable. 

Along with the rewarding methods, there are several other benefits of cat treats. It is very effective in maintaining the oral hygiene of cats. Some dental treats are made with such biting textures that when cats chew them, it removes plaque and tartar buildup in the cat’s teeth and gums. Providing clean and fresh breath. Kwik Pets also serves various cat treats that are effective in getting rid of bad breath from the cat’s mouth as it is one of the common concerns of most pet parents.  

There are varieties of cat treats and chews available in different flavors, and textures and made from different ingredients to satisfy the different tastes and chewing instincts of cats based on their breed, lifestyle, and life stage. These are also enough to provide enough proteins and nutrients required to have a well-balanced lifestyle for pets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthy cat treats are made with very fewer fillers or additives, that don’t use many artificial ingredients in them. As these treats are made with natural and limited ingredients and provide proteins and nutritional requirements in a cat’s diet. It is always best to consult with the veterinarian once before feeding any cat treats to cats to provide them with a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.
Cats' body requirements of calories are very less as compared to that of humans. Thus, one needs to feed cat treats very carefully to their pets by making sure that it doesn’t exceed 10% of calorie intake in a day. Complete feeding guidelines are mentioned on every cat treats packet and one should feed it as per the pet’s size by calculating the calorie count as per the cat’s health and weight.
There is no harm in feeding cats treats and chews unless it is given in a well-balanced amount and by maintaining proper calorie amount. Many times pet parents give extra cat treats to pets as rewards for performing better in training sessions. However, it can be fatal to their health. Thus, it is very important to feed any treats to cats by taking proper care of the calories one is feeding cats.