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Working From Home As A Pet Parent

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During the pandemic, and the lockdowns when everyone was working from home there was a particular section of very happy people. No, I am not talking about the students, but our fur buddies. Pets are having a gala time when their parents are at home, spending more time with them. However, it can get difficult to work when you are distracted by your pets. There are a few things you can keep in mind and ensure that your journey is smooth.

Have a dedicated room: Ignoring your pet while you are working is much worse than having a dedicated room that is merely for working. This will also help you mentally separate your work from your house. Train your pet to not enter the room you work in. If you do not create this dedicated space, pets can get anxious as to why you are not spending time with them even when at home. Instead, separate the space. Use the Best dog training devices for the same.

Designated playtime: While we know that the pandemic has led us to all have routines that are erratic to stay the least. It is important to understand that while you might not want to have a routine in other areas of your life, please make sure that you do have a routine with your dog. Designate play times every day so you do not miss out on them. Take time out at different times of the day. 

Keeping your pet occupied: Another key thing to consider is that you must ensure that the pet is occupied with its work as well. They might get bored or anxious when they are all by themselves as mentioned above. You can make sure they are occupied with some sort of physical and mental stimulation.

If you have a dog you can involve toys such as playing or exercising. For your cats, you could involve catnip or other interactive toys. Different kinds of toys provide your dog with different benefits. You can also get puzzle games or set up puzzles on your own using DIY techniques to keep your dog engaged. You can get cheap dog toys online.

Flexibility: When you are working from home it is important to acknowledge that you have more amount of flexibility. Make sure you use it. If your dog has certain emergencies, attend to them. But at the same time, you also have to take into consideration that your pet might get used to it which also is not ideal. However, getting some time off in between work and spending time with your furry-friend is perfectly alright.

Go out to parks: During the quarantine, it is responsible to stay at home. However, your pet as well as you might get tired of sitting at home. You can go to parks where it is possible to not only maintain a social distance but also play around with your pet.

You can also just go out for drives if that is what your dog or cat likes. The point here to make is that you might get comfortable staying indoors however that can affect the mental and physical health of your pet. Try to test out a variety of activities that you can do safely and observe their reactions to it.

These are some of the things you can keep in mind when you have to work from home as a pet parent. Working from home can be difficult for us and our pets can only make it better. If you are not a pet parent already and feel quite lonely staying at home and also afford to take the responsibility, you can get a pet in 2021. 

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