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Debunking Cat Myths

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Debunking cat pet myths 

If you are planning to get a cat or even thinking about getting one, you might have had certain apprehensions about doing so. There might be people advising you to buy a puppy instead because they will “love” you more. There are several myths about cats that prevent people from adopting them as pets. Today, let us debunk some of these myths so you can be friends with these feline pets. 


  • Cats hate people: One of the most common misassumptions is that they do not like people and will not care about them. While your cat might not want to cuddle with you all the time, some cats are very affectionate. 

While it is true that cats come from feline families and are not used to the kind of life that canines are, they still show affection by jumping on your lap when you are home from a long day of work.


  • Cats hate other cats: Another common misconception is that cats do not like to live with other cats. While there are cases when cats are not excited about sharing their space, they can also form meaningful friendships. However, the degree of how much they get along will also vary based on age. If cats are together from a young age, they tend to get along more.


  • They like to be left alone:  While there is some truth that cats do enjoy solidarity, it comes from the fact that wild cats also like it. In the case of dogs, they belong to families such as that of wolves who require companionship. 

Domestic cats on the other hand are capable of forming bonds with their parents that are deep in nature. Some cats might even develop separation anxiety with their pet parents.


  • They love milk: If you have ever seen a show or a book that has shown a cat drink milk and you have assumed they love it, I do not blame you. Kittens have an enzyme called lactase which helps them break down milk. However, once they grow they become lactose intolerant. This makes it harder for them to digest milk. You can feed it different kinds of cat food


  • It is not possible to train a cat: Some people either believe that cats cannot be trained or they believe that they are not required to be trained- both of these assumptions are false. The training for a cat differs from that of a dog. It will also need different cat training tools. Shorter training sessions with rewards can prove to be more useful for cats. 


  • Pregnant women cannot live with cats: Another misconception is that a pregnant woman should not live with cats. This myth has come from the fact that when changing a cat’s litter box a common disease called toxoplasmosis, can be transmitted through the exposure of the litter. However, to avoid this, a pregnant person should not be emptying the litter box. Someone else can take care of the Cat litter boxes and supplies. It is not necessary to abandon your cat once you are pregnant.


  • Cats cannot stand water: Your cat might not like being submerged in water or bathing often, however it is not true that all cats hate water. Some cats even like water and would play with it. It has also been observed that kittens find water very amusing to look at. 


  • They purr only when they are happy: This is a commonly heard myth. Cats tend to purr from an early stage in their lives. It has been observed that when nursing both cat and the kitten purr. Cats tend to purr even when they are frightened or even in pain. By purring they give comfort to themselves. 


These are the common myths that we hear on a day-to-day basis when it comes to thinking about choosing a cat as your pet. If you ask us, all fur babies, felines, or canines are wonderful to come home to!

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