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7 Reasons Why You Need to be a Pet Parent in 2021

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After a year of unexpected events and being locked up in our homes, we all expect 2021 to be the year that turns out to be a year full of hope and moments that will give us at least a few moments of normalcy. However, for 2021 to be the year you experience happiness on four legs, below are 7 reasons you should be a pet parent. Be a pet parent today.

  • They will make you laugh, even run!
  • It is no secret that laughter will relieve you from the stress you might be facing because of what is going on in the world. Whether you have a dog, cat, or rodent chances are you will see them randomly tilt their heads and laugh. Unlike merely hoping, having a pet guarantees a few laughs throughout the day.


  • Pets keep you fit
  • How many times has your new year resolution to be fit only for you to break it the next day? Having a pet can keep you fit especially when it will require you to go for walks multiple times a day. If you have your garden, or a garden nearby it is possible for you to tie a leash to your dog’s Remington waterproof hound dog collar and run a few rounds. 


    Not only are you required to take care of their physical and mental wellness, but they will also take care of yours too!


  • A friend indeed
  • You might have fallouts with friends or times when they are too busy for you. However, a furry friend would be waiting to spend time with you. They can listen to you talk and love you unconditionally enough to provide you the company you need. Even when they do not understand your language, they are empathic beings.


  • Pets make you more responsible
  • While having a pet could help you become happier and provide you with the company you need, it is important to understand that it is a big responsibility as well. You should be ready to be able to take care of your pets. 

    There are various aspects such as their diet, grooming, and toys to name a few. You are supposed to ensure their schedule keeps in check and is well taken care of. This will not only make you feel more responsible but give you a sense of confidence when your pet will look at you with trust in their eyes. 

  • Pets heal you
  • It has been observed that being a pet parent can release hormones such as oxytocin. This hormone is the happy hormone in the body. There are various activities apart from training your dog using Dog training tools, such as dog yoga and playing pet music. You can also meditate with your pet. There have been observations that listening to a cat purring can help you reduce your anxiety. 

  • Make new friends
  • If you are a new pet parent you might not know, but having a pet can help you make new friends quite easily. Roaming around the park with a dog, you will bump into people and be able to interact. In fact, if you have other friends who are also petting parents, you could engage in activities together and have all the more fun.


  • Even better if you have kids
  • If you are someone who has kids, you have more reasons to be a pet parent. It has been seen commonly that kids who grow up with dogs or other pets are not as likely to develop certain types of allergies. They will always have a friend to play with. For kids, you might have special needs, a pet can be therapeutic as well.


    2021 is the year we have attached our hopes to. It is the year we have realized we need to be more loving, more caring, and softer to the world. What can be better than a furry friend? The answer is two furry friends! 

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