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How To Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Pets This Year?

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Have you thought of celebrating thanksgiving with your pets this year and thus spending quality time with them to strengthen your bond? Pets require physical activity for their development and mental stimulation. 

Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of Christian origin and a holiday known throughout the world, which is celebrated annually in the United States and Canada to give thanks for the blessings received during the year, gathering families to prepare and enjoy a hearty dinner with turkey as the protagonist and main course.

With crowds making holiday dinner plans and possibly preparing to travel to see loved ones, it's essential not to forget about our pets.

If you're celebrating at home or going out this Thanksgiving, don't forget the furriest part of the family: pets.

 Taking your dog for a walk and playing skill-enhancing games with them will be an excellent way to share with your smug in an uplifting way. It will help you socialise, feel happier and give you a unique sense of well-being. 

Next, we will share with you some ideas you can put into practice with your pet. You will also discover what those games are, both inside the house and outside it. 

How to celebrate thanksgiving with your pets this year? 

What games does your pet like the most?  

There are many things that your pet loves that you can be sure of. But... When it comes to games for pets, which are the best? 

The list is relatively long, and the games you choose to spend time with your pet inside or outside the house will depend on the personality of your smug and their training. Some games require the pet to have some learned skills, such as fetching the ball and returning it to its owner, and holding a frisbee. 

In pet stores, you will also find many toys to spend minutes of fun with your furry. Sound objects, ropes, balls of various sizes and textures... Everything will depend on the tastes of your best friend. 

Be sure to look at which toys they interact with the most to get a better idea of ​​the objects they will prefer. Remember that among the many things a pet loves is a new toy to chew on! 

How to prevent your pet from getting bored?  

Your pet’s physical and mental stimulation is part of the activities you should practise with them daily. Devoting a few good minutes to your daily walks or playing with them in the park or inside the house will help them to be active, feel useful, strengthen his skills and release stress and anxiety. 

A pet that spends too much time indoors or in small spaces with little activity is a pet that, unfortunately, will develop behavioural disorders from one moment to the next. Regardless of age or size, these types of pets can become very destructive, anxious, and sometimes irritable. 

Precisely for this reason, for your well-being, that of your family, and that of your little companion, you should consider the activities that keep them busy, active, and happy.  

Brushing it daily, giving it a good massage, or giving it care is a great help. To provide you with more ideas, we will talk in detail about some activities you can carry out with your pet and thus celebrate with them every day. 

Activities you can do with your pet 

If you love outdoor activities, you will love the options we have prepared for you and your pet.  

Running with your dog

Many people make their lives more pleasant and active thanks to their pets. Some pets often help you stay in shape, and running with your furry is an excellent way to put this alternative into practice. 

It consists of jogging in the company of your best friend. However, doing this type of activity without risk requires some prior training. 

Your pet must at least follow the pace or rhythm of the trot. In the same way, they must be an even-tempered and calm animal who is not easily distracted so that the appearance of other people or pets does not interrupt their progress. 

Play Frisbee  

When it comes to games for pets, none of them like it more than Frisbee. It is an activity that adapts to all breeds and physical conditions, especially if you know how to choose the most suitable disc for your dog. 

Of course, some people take care to train their dogs so that the game of Frisbee becomes quite a show, but in your case, it will be enough to spend quality time with your furry and have fun. 

Dance with your Pet

You can do it at home, and it does not require any effort. Believe it or not, pets love it, and chances are the first time you do it, your pet will want to do it repeatedly. It's about dancing. 

Yes, just as you read it, dancing with your pet. It will be enough for you to take them by their little legs and move them at your own pace with love and delicacy without forcing too much. They will take it as a sign of affection and want to do it whenever possible. Try it! 

Teach Them Agility  

Some dogs, especially those of a medium breed, love agility. This can be a very rewarding discipline for your pet, especially if they have a lot of energy and you want to invest it in something fun and valuable. 

For your dog to become a star in agility competitions, you will need the help of a dog trainer and a space with all the implements of a circuit. 

Play Fetch or FlyBall  

Regarding games for pets, who hasn't played fetch with their pet? It is simply about throwing an object for them to look for, bringing it back, and thus continuing the fun.  

FlyBall, on the other hand, is very similar to Agility, and yes, your pet will need a little more than enthusiasm to participate in it. In this case, it will require additional training because it consists of an obstacle course in which the pet must not drop the ball it is carrying in its mouth. It's fun and fascinating; you and your pet will love it. 

Now you know all the activities you can do with your smug inside or outside the home during thanksgiving! Make the most of each day and fill it with love and happiness. He deserves it! 

Pets are faithful companions, and even if they die, their former owners always remember them with love. Therefore, there is the day of deceased pets. 

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