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A Guide To Celebrate Christmas With Your Pets!

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Why Should you Celebrate Christmas With Your Pets?

For some, pets are an important part of the family and are included in holiday traditions and celebrations like any other family member. For others, pets provide comfort and companionship during the holiday season, and celebrating Christmas with them is a way to show them love and appreciation.

Including pets in holiday celebrations can be a fun and an enjoyable experience for pets and their human companions. It can bring joy and create lasting memories for both parties.

Additionally, celebrating Christmas with pets can help alleviate loneliness and provide a sense of purpose and connection during the holiday season.

The reasons for celebrating Christmas with pets vary and are unique to each individual and their relationship with their pets. They are also part of our family, so we must think about how to make plans together.

They are always delighted to be in good company and show it to you every time you walk through the door. They welcome you with the same joy whether you've been gone for half an hour or two days. Their love is unconditional!

On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, we leave you some tips to celebrate them with those we love the most, enjoying to the fullest and preventing mishaps:

  • Avoid dangerous foods typical of the Christmas table. Leftovers from Christmas menus are not the healthiest for pets. They gain excess weight and can be dangerous for them (e.g., cooked bones, grapes, raisins, etc.).
  • Christmas plants can be toxic to dogs. Holly, mistletoe and the Poinsettia or Christmas Plant should be kept away, especially from more playful puppies. In addition, since it is a new element at home, your pet will surely want to explore it by biting and chewing. Better avoid it.
  • If you put up a Christmas tree, hold it tight and decorate it appropriately. Some dogs and cats have fun destroying the decoration of the Christmas tree. To avoid this, fix it well to the ground and choose an appropriate decoration that does not entail risks of cuts or swallowing pieces if your pet manages to throw it to the ground. Wrapping paper can be a good kitten toys, puppy toys , so we advise you to make a ball out of this paper and play with your pet and the ball. This way, you will forget about the gifts for your family, and you will not want to “open” them before you do.
  • With the return to the usual rhythm of life after returning from vacation, behavioural problems may appear. Like us, pets at Christmas notice changes in routines and schedules. That is why you must be attentive and solve them as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming chronic.

Here are some ways you can celebrate Christmas with your pets:

  1. Include them in holiday traditions: You can involve your pets in holiday traditions such as wrapping presents, decorating the tree, or baking cookies. Just make sure that any decorations or activities are pet-safe.
  2. Give them a special gift: Consider getting your pets a special gift or treat to celebrate the holiday season. You could get them a new toy, a cozy bed, or festive treats.
  3. Take them for a special outing: Go on a holiday-themed walk or hike with your pets, or take them to a local event, such as a holiday parade or pet-friendly festival.
  4. Create a comfortable space for them: If you are hosting holiday gatherings or parties, create a quiet space for your pets to retreat if they need a break from the activity.
  5. Keep their routine as normal as possible: While it's fun to include your pets in holiday activities, it's also essential to maintain their routine as much as possible. 
  6. Keep an eye on their diet: Be careful not to overfeed your pets, as giving them too many treats during the holiday season can be easy. Also, be mindful of any foods that could be toxic to them, such as chocolate, grapes, and certain nuts.

Overall, ensuring your pets are safe and comfortable during the holiday season is the most important thing. Kwik Pets as it has a wide collection of Pet Products and Pet Supplies along with all other products that you require to keep your feathered pets happy, healthy, strong and celebrating Christmas with pets.

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