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7 ways to celebrate National Pet Month

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The National Month day is celebrated in the month of May. We have come up with 7 ways you can celebrate National Pet Month and make the most of it.

Donating pet toys: There are several dog toys that you might have bought for your pet at home. While a wide range of toys might still be in use by your pet, you can donate some to a nearby shelter. Dogs require toys to enhance their cognitive and physical capabilities. It can be fun for them to play around as well and can be the ideal gift for these dogs on National Pet Month.

Donating pet food and other products: Apart from dog toys, you can also donate pet food. You can get the best dry dog food and canned dog food for these shelter dogs and get them excited for quite some time. Canned food tends to stay for a longer time. You can also donate Dog vitamins and supplements for those who require but do have the access to.

Walking out your pet: Walking out has a lot of benefits and while your pet might want to walk out on a daily basis, as an owner you might have other commitments. This is why there is a better way to celebrate National Pet Month by taking your pet outdoors for a walk and playtime. You can also turn this into quality time by teaching them a few tricks using training tools and equipment.

Pamper them: If you scroll through Instagram a lot, which you probably might and often end up on pet pages, you might have seen something as 'spaw' days or spa days. What can be better than the National Pet Month to pamper your pet? Take them to a local spa nearby meant for pets and make them feel like the highness they are!

Netflix and chill: Not all pets love outdoors- yes I am talking about your pet, cat parents. Instead, you can sit down and watch a movie with your cat in the most comfortable environment. Movies that showcase love to your pets and are family-friendly can become a good bonding time. This can be ideal for pets and parents who love staying indoors. 

Go to a pet café or pet park: If your dog or your pet are social and like going to the outdoors and interacting with other pets, it can be a good idea to take them to a pet café or a pet park. They can make new friends and you will have company for the next playdates. This will also help them break the monotony and get excited for a day out. However, if your pet faces anxiety in situations like these, it would be best to avoid it. The idea is to make your pet happy in this month, do what gives them joy. Be sure to check in for the COVID precautions before doing this!

Adopt a pet: We cannot think of a better thing to do on National Pet Month that encourages adoption than to adopt your pet. If you are someone who is contemplating getting a pet and is confused, a good idea would be to adopt one in National Pet Month. Do this only if you are ready to adopt one and understand the responsibility getting a pet takes.

These are some of the ways you can do most of the National Pet Month in 2021.

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