API Stress Coat Tap Water Aquarium Conditioner 16 Fl Oz

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A Patented Formula Containing Aloe Vera, Nature's Liquid Bandage, To Protect & Heal Fish. Forms A Synthetic Slime Coating On The Skin Of Fish. Removes Chlorine & Heavy Metals. Use Whenever Setting Up An Aquarium Or Changing Water.

Key Benefits

  • Contains One (1) Api Stress Coat Aquarium Water Conditioner 16-ounce Bottle.
  • Makes Tap Water Safe And Protects Fish With Dual-action Formula.
  • Removes Chemicals From Tap Water That Are Harmful To Fish.
  • Replaces Fish’s Protective Coat Damaged By Handling, Shipping Or Fish Fighting With Healing Power Of Aloe Vera Extract.
  • Use When Adding Or Changing Water, When Adding New Fish And When Fish Are Sick Or Injured.

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