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What Are The Different Types Of Dog Toys?

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When you are a dog parent you might know that having an active dog is all fun and games until you are exhausted from playing. However, a good thing to do is, incorporate toys in your playtime to make the most of it. This way walks become all the more interesting for both you and your dog. Whenever ‘toys’ are mentioned, people often assume they might be mainly for chasing and fetching. However, that is not the case. 

Various types of dog toys are available in the market and you might be surprised to know how each of them benefits your dog differently! 

Chewing toys: Especially when you have a puppy, you might know that dogs need to chew. As a dog parent, you might have found your shoes or socks being chewed. There are chew toys that are available for dogs at different stages of their life. Puppies require to chew on softer rubber as compared to the older dogs. For older dogs, you can opt to choose power chewers which do not get destroyed easily, so not only will it satisfy your dog but will also be kind to your pocket!

Interactive and strategy toys: You might have heard or come across interactive toys if you have been actively looking for them. As the name mentions, interactive toys require your dog to engage with them. These kinds of toys can help you ensure that your dogs get mental stimulation. Examples of such toys could be puzzle toys. It could also include toys that are based on the concept of fetching. 

Interactive or strategy toys can also be useful to train your dogs. You can teach them how to drop or take these interactive toys. You can also bond with your dog in these training sessions.

Plush/ squeaker toys: Squeaker toys are toys that produce a squeaking sound when pressed. It has been observed that it is a very popular kind of toy amongst pets. However, this might not be the right kind of toy for a dog who tends to destroy different kinds of toys. The sound is very appealing to dogs.

Dental toys: Dental health of your pet should be a top priority for you. These toys are for dogs at different age groups and life stages as well. These toys also release endorphins, but simultaneously provide dental benefits. How? Dental toys could be helped in massaging gums thereby making them stronger, cleaning the teeth of your dog, and promoting the blood flow. 

Comfort toys: Dogs, whether they have just entered your homes or have stayed for long might experience anxiety. Common types of anxiety experienced by dogs include separation anxiety or when there is too much stimulation in the environment they are in. 

Some toys are known as comfort. You can also take these when you go out to travel to make sure that your dog has something to feel comforted by within a new environment. 

When you have a dog, it is important to make sure that they regularly go out and play. Using toys in their playtime will not only boost their physical stimulation but also improve their mental health. As your dog ages, it is important to change its toys and create a new mix. A common mistake that dog parents make is that they forget that when their dog ages they also change their habits. Their needs might differ with age. Make sure to observe and incorporate a mix of the types of dog toys mentioned effectively.

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