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Most Popular Pet Fishes

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Having a pet fish is not only fun and gives you a good companion, but it also makes sure that there is an increased aesthetic value and also can improve the overall vibe of your place. Having a fish is a popular kind of pet. In the USA alone, around 13 million households have pet fishes. So which are the most popular kind of fishes? 

  • Betta fish: A popular freshwater fish as a pet is the betta fish. They are glorious and look very attractive with their vibrant colors. Apart from this, they are also very easy to maintain, which makes them a good pet to have. You can get the best betta fish care and supplies easily. Male bettas are required to be all by themselves, whereas female bettas can also be accommodated with other fish. They are a cold-water species.   
  • Mollies: If you have seen quite a few aquariums, you must have seen mollies. Make sure your tanks have high filtration. Mollies work better in separate aquariums. They are omnivores in nature and require both plant and animal food. They give birth to live babies instead of laying eggs.
  • Neon Tetras: When looking for attractive fishes, it is hard to not talk about the neon tetras. It is another freshwater fish and is small as well as easy to take care of. They are calm fishes and can provide you with calmness. You can decorate your tanks, their bright colors are visible everywhere!  
  • Guppies: If you have never had a fish before and do not have an extensive idea of fish care? They do tend to breed faster, you can avoid it through separation. They can adapt to different kinds of water temperatures. You are supposed to feed it both plant and animal-based foods. 
  • Platies: Another exotic bright-colored fish is the platies fish which is also a freshwater fish. You can get these in a variety of shades and are an active kind of fish. They are very social and would also gel well with other fishes such as Guppies or mollies. They will also require plant as well as animal-based food. 
  • Zebra Danios: If you want your aquarium filled with fishes, you can get Zebra Danios, they are schooling fish and need larger numbers otherwise they might get anxious. They will eat anything and are considered one of the easiest to feed fishes that are there.  
  • Angelfish: If you have seen the finding Nemo you might have seen the Angelfish. They require a 55-gallon tank because of the space they need. The aquarium should have plenty of plants so they can hide under them. They are omnivores and need the water to be slightly soft as well as acidic.  
  • Swordtails: If you have a large aquarium, you can get a swordfish as well. Swordfishes do not require any extra care and can be handled as pets easily. They do tend to breed easily. There are a lot of color variations available with swordtails as well. 
  • Rainbowfish: Rainbowfish is another visually appealing fish that likes to swim around in schools of fishes. It is the kind of fish that will start showing its colors only once it enters adulthood. We find that very interesting!  
  • Goldfish: We had to mention goldfish. Goldfishes are not only popular types of pets to have but also are a popular kind of gift to give people. Many people believe they bring positive energy to the house. They live for a long time if taken care of properly. However, they also need constant care and need you need to get Fish tank filters for sale and change them every week or two.

These are the most common types of fish that people prefer to keep as pets! Not only as they have very low maintenance as compared to other types of pets and can make you happy as well. What are you waiting for? 

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