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KONG Dog Toys: Are They Worth Buying, According To Reviews

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We have a dog, and we used to work as salespeople at my local pet store, so we are accustomed to researching the most recent chew toys, treats, and everything in between. Nowadays, it almost feels natural. kong toy for dogs, however, stands out in my mind among all the available possibilities. One of the first toys we can recall getting for our puppy nearly 14 years ago was from KONG Company is still a strong contender for my family's Great Dane today. First let’s learn about what are Kong toys, where did it come from and how beneficial it is for your dogs.

What Are KONG Toys?

These canine toys were first made by Joe Markham back in 1970, and they were inspired by Markham's adored but chewy-happy dog, Fritz, who had a penchant for rubber. 

The iconic red Kong that everyone is familiar with was created by Markham with his dog's preferences in mind. Over time, he added other types, such as the Senior Kong line for aging chompers in purple, the Puppy Kong line for teething puppies in pink and light blue, and the Extreme Kong line for heavy-duty chewers in black. 

The majority of kong toys for dogs are produced in the USA using rubber that is non-toxic, free of BPA, and sourced from throughout the world.

Benefits Of Kong Toys 

The fact that KONG toys are meant to last a long time is their main advantage. Not only did we observe this with our own dogs, but many of the clients we spoke with at the pet shop also agreed; we never once heard a complaint about this queue. Furthermore, KONG provides a 60-day guarantee in case there are any issues. Another benefit is that many of KONG's toys are machine-washable or dishwasher-safe for quick cleanup. robustness, great engagement, and simplicity in cleaning? That is all you can expect from a dog toy.

In our experience, KONG makes a variety of toys for tug, fetch, and chewing that are all difficult for dogs to destroy, may keep them occupied, and encourage cerebral stimulation. Including the kong toys for puppies last for a long time. 

But the KONG Classic is the one toy for which the company is most known. When the family had to leave the house, the toys seemed to best address the dog's destructive chewing habits and kept him occupied. And believe us when we say that it was a blessing whenever you don’t have enough time to spend with your dogs, the Kong products will keep them equipped for a long time with fun. 

Our Customers Favorite KONG Toys

KONG Comfort Duck Jumbo Dog Toy

Kong Comfort Jumbo is a fun toy for the big dogs, the crinkle sounds gives the fun to dogs to play more with it. The squeakers are great to chew the toy all the time without any harm. This toy is many dogs a big comfort snuggle buddy. Ideal for indoor playtimes.

KONG Refillable Catnip, One Size

The Kong is refillable in a compartment to hold fresh catnip securely in one place. The plush toy has a reclosable pouch to hold fresh catnip. These toys give a fun, simple and fresh addition to the cat's playtime without any harm. The toy lasts for a long time because it is easily machine washable with catnip removed. Give your cats a new irresistible, scent, texture and shape Kong toy. 

KONG Extreme Dog Toy Black

The dog toy KONG Extreme is made of KONG rubber, which is their strongest material. The KONG Extreme, which was created for the hardest chewers, provides enrichment and aids in meeting dogs' basic needs. Dogs who are dedicated chewers will benefit from KONG's unique, ultra-durable, all-natural rubber substance, while the unpredictable bounce will satisfy their drive to play. 

KONG Jumbler Dog Toy Football Assorted

A two-in-one ball toy, the KONG Jumbler offers twice as much interactive excitement. Play is encouraged by the inside tennis ball and loud squeak, while pickup and shaking are made simple by the handles. The Jumbler can withstand rough play, making it perfect for fetch games. The KONG Jumbler, which is offered in two sizes and forms, will guarantee an enjoyable, vigorous play experience for you and your dog.

KONG Air Dog Squeaker Football Dog Toy

The cloth from a special tennis ball is not abrasive, so it won't damage a dog's teeth. For safety, every squeaker unit is buried within the rubber and covered with tennis ball fabric. Squeak a little for them. In contrast to the abrasive substance on standard tennis balls, it is made of a special nonabrasive felt. It is ideal for fetching games. Squeaky toy to encourage play. Your dog's teeth will not become worn down with nonabrasive tennis substances. It is offered in three sizes: Large, Medium, and Small.

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In Conclusion

The relaxing dog toys we've included here were chosen after careful consideration of consumer reviews, our own in-house testing, and consultations with veterinary professionals. We gave top priority to toys that looked robust and practical, as well as toys that encourage dogs to behave in a way that is appropriate to their species. 

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