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Understanding Dog Body Language

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When you have a dog at home you might have noticed that there are certain actions that it does to convey how it feels. When you are a new parent these actions might be hard to understand. Here are a few ways to understand your dog’s body language.

Bared or showing teeth: When your dog is showing you its teeth, it means they are baring teeth. To show their teeth, they curl their tongue and lips. Bared teeth are usually a warning from the dog’s side. Baring of teeth means that the dog needs you to back off. It could also further lead to more aggressive behavior. Along with baring of teeth, the dog might also make their body rigid. Do not ignore this kind of behavior. Observe when they do it and if need be, consult a professional.

Eyes: Eyes do a lot of talking, whether it is humans or their pet friends. When it comes to dogs, they convey a lot of emotions just through their eyes. The white part of their eyes defines what they are feeling. If it appears round, then it might be feeling intense. If the pupils are dilated it might be because your dog is aroused or fearful. A dog who is at peace will have squinted eyes instead.

Tail: The tail can be a major indicator of how your dog is feeling. You are required to observe its tail and its movement. If the tail is in a relaxed position, it means that the dog is also relaxed. When they get excited their tail tends to rise above the spine level and even bounce off. The more excited they get, the more their tail moves.

Ears: You might not be aware of a very new pet owner but their ears also have a language. Majorly the ear positions might be erect or floppy. A relaxed dog will have ears on the sides or slightly at the back. When they are aroused their ears will move forward. This will help you identify what they are feeling.

Mouth: Another body part of dogs that can help you identify what they're feeling is their mouth. Usually, you might notice if they have a relaxed mouth or they are panting. If a dog is fearing something they tend to keep their mouths closed. If there is food present they might drool due to obvious reasons, however, if not it might be the result of extreme stress as well. A pucker where the dog wrinkles the top of their muscle could be because of a warning. Dogs also smile and it is the cutest thing in the world! 

These are some of the common body language gestures that you must keep in mind when you get a dog. Once you spend more time with them chances are you will understand their body language more. If you notice any form of inconsistency, make sure to take help from professionals if required. For the most part, the understanding of their body language comes instinctively and dogs are also good communicators and will make sure you understand. As you become more closer to your pets, eagerness of taking care of dog medical supplies of your pet increases.

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