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Chocolate Bad for Dogs - Why It Is Harmful For Your Dog To Consume Chocolate

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Whether you are a new pet parent or not, you might have heard that you should not feed chocolates to dogs. Even people who might not have pets are warned by their friends not to feed chocolate to their pets as chocolate is bad for dogs. We are here to tell you why and what you can do about it?

Contents: Chocolates contain theobromine, which is toxic. Humans might not have an issue with it but for dogs, if it is not metabolized, can lead to health issues. Undigested chocolate can lead to a buildup of toxicity for your pet. It acts as a stimulant, similar to caffeine. What it does to your dog is, it can overstimulate your pet’s brain and affect their cardiovascular system as well. Further leading to vomiting, digestion issues, and even blood pressure.

Type of chocolate: Each type of chocolate has different amounts of Theobromine. It has been observed that cocoa powder has a lot of theobromine, dark chocolate will tend to be much more toxic to your pet.

Amount of chocolate and size of the dog: The harm that the chocolate will do will depend on the size of your pet and the amount of chocolate it has consumed. If your dog is large but has consumed a small amount of chocolate, chances are they will experience minor symptoms like vomiting. 

So what to do if your dog has consumed chocolate and how to prevent it?

Call your vet: The first and foremost thing to do would be to call your vet immediately and explain the situation to them. Mention the amount of chocolate that was consumed, how much time has it been since it has come to your notice, and the symptoms your dog is experiencing.

Take your dog to the vet: If the dog has ingested a lot of chocolate or is experiencing dangerous symptoms, you might have to take them to the clinic. There are situations when the dog has to be operated on, it will help if you have pet insurance.

Accessibility: In order to prevent this from happening, you must make sure that chocolate is far out of reach. If you have kids or have guests visiting you frequently make sure you tell them not to feed any amount of chocolate to your pet.

Train your dog: One of the important commands you should teach your dog is the leave command. It can be helpful when you catch your dog in the process of eating a bar of chocolate and prevent the action.

Crate training: As a pet parent, you should try crate training your dog. This means that whenever they are alone or want to be alone, they go and sit in this crate considering it their safe space. You can give them treats, toys or blankets. This way they spend time away from you, but safely.

What is the alternative?

If your dog has a tendency to eat sweets or treats that have a chocolate flavor and loves it, you can buy them chocolates that are made for a dog. You can buy Dog Biscuits and Chocolates online. Not only is this safe to eat but will also satisfy your dog’s craving. Chocolates can affect your dog fatally which is why it is best to prevent human chocolate consumption and said chocolate is bad for dogs.

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