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Is Cheristin A Good Flea Treatment?

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Ever wondered what is cheristin for cats? Is it good for cats? Cheristin is a topical flea treatment solution that should be given once a month to cats and is used to kill adult fleas. Let's go through certain details about it like how it works, what is its benefit, what side effects it might show, what should be dosage needs to be followed for giving it to cats, and various other things.

What is Cheristin Flea Treatment For Cats?

It is a topical flea treatment solution that is made particularly for killing adult fleas in cats. The name Cheristin is a brand name for the chemical drug Spinetoram. As per the manufacturer, a single dose begins to kill adult fleas within 30 minutes of taking it. And as per the reviews received and study shows that around 98-100% of fleas are being killed within 12 hours of applying this solution. 

It is made especially to kill adult fleas only and doesn’t show any direct adverse effects on flea larvae, flea eggs, or any other flea life stage. However, with regular use, it starts destroying all newly hatched and even developing fleas. Spinetoram is made solely for removing fleas from feline pets, it is not made for removing any other parasites like heartworm, roundworms, etc. Also as it is the solution to be applied on the outer side of the skin, it doesn’t show any effect on internal parasites. It does not seem to have any effectiveness against any parasites other than fleas, including ear mites or ticks. 

Is Cheristin For Cats A Good Flea Treatment & How It works?

The Cheristin flea treatment for cats processes with two separate chemical transmitters in insects as it is highly effective against GABA and acetylcholine. GABA functions as an internal transmitter to detect the ability of neurons to create, receive and transmit chemical details to other neurons. While acetylcholine is for the functioning of the nervous system including muscle movement. 

Studies & reviews show that this medication delivers sufficient outcomes in killing fleas for up to 6 weeks. Cheristin for cats reviews shows positivity from many pet parents. Thus this topical solution is highly recommended for flea treatment. 

What dosage is prescribed for Spinetoram?

Spinetoram is manufactured that is suitable to be used for every pet’s age, size, lifestyle, weight, height, etc. Recommended dosage directed to apply to your feline is one vial even for pets who weigh more than 20lb.

The perfect method to lay it on your pet’s skin is to push down the lid of the applicator vial until a “click” sound is heard that signifies the vial is perforated and now the lid is released. It should only be used on the fur over an area at the neck where felines can not lick or even touch it. Press the tube 2-3 times directly on the skin until the product is not appropriately crammed out. 

What About Cheristin For Cats Side Effects?

Every pet has a different ability to respond to different products. Cheristin flea treatment for cats is only recommended to use on cats or kittens that are 8 weeks of age and above weighing more than around 1.8lb. While applying it, pet parents need to make sure that this should not be ingested by pets. Generally reported side consequences after using this product are sometimes hair loss in pets, redness, and itching in the spot where it is spread. 

As per Cheristin for cats reviews, pet parents think that this product can also be used on pups or dogs. However, it is not manufactured to be used on dogs or any other pets. Because dogs are sensitive to spinetoram. This product is entirely made to be used on cats or kittens only. 

Every product has different precautions and usage guidelines with its expiration date. Hence, complete prescription guidelines need to be followed before applying them to your feline pets. 

Cheristin for cats is a highly recommended product that helps with preventing your pet from any flea infection and you can shop it easily from the Kwik Pets website. It is available at an affordable price with all other cat treats that you might require to keep your pets happy, healthy, and contented. 

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