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Getting Artificial Or Real Aquatic Plants?

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When you have an aquarium at home, you might want to have some aquarium plants not only to make it look better but at the same time, it can also provide utility to your aquatic pets. Aquarium fish tank decoration includes these plants as well. One can either grow artificial or real plants.

Why should you grow live plants? 

Live plants can be very useful when you are incorporating them into your aquariums. These plants provide your pets with nutrients and even oxygen that they will require. They also help in stabilizing the nitrate levels in the aquarium. People who usually suggest getting live plants, do it because of the number of benefits that come with live plants. It filters the water naturally and fishes can get a place to hide. Fishes do require a place to hide because when they are anxious it might result in them wanting this safe place.

Plants can also be a source of food when your pets are omnivores or herbivores. However, having live plants will require you to take care of them properly. They will decay and will increase your cleaning job. Plants will also need natural light and at the same time, if they are exposed to an extreme amount of light, the chances of algae might increase. They also tend to cost much more than artificial plants and have higher maintenance.

So, what if you grow artificial plants?

Artificial plants can also provide fish spaces to hide and feel safe, however, they cannot offer these fishes any sort of nutrients. One major benefit of choosing artificial plants is that you will not be required to maintain them as such. They can be there independently, however, no harm or no other benefit is provided by these plants. 

Artificial plants also look quite real but you need not put in the effort for them to stay alive. You need not worry about the right substrate or the plants getting the required amount of light. They are very cost-efficient because not only do they cost comparatively lesser, but you also need not replace them very quickly. You will also not have to worry about decaying. However, there are downsides to getting artificial plants as well. As it is already mentioned, they do not provide nutrients or tackle algae like the live plants would. 

How do you choose which to buy?

There is no right way to go about this. You can choose the type of plant which is doable for you. If you are a beginner, it would be a good idea to get artificial plants, so you do not get overwhelmed with the amount of effort that is required to be put in by you. If you are confident in giving enough time in taking care of plants, you can go ahead with live plants. Take aspects such as the time you have, the kind of aquarium that you have, and what you expect from it. 

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