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7 Bedding Options For Your Pet Snake - Kwik Pets health-and-wellness

7 Bedding Options For Your Pet Snake


Snakes are popular pets and while they are great pets to have most of the time, they do need good supplies to make it easier for them as the owners as well. You need to buy the best reptile habitat and accessories online.

You also need to find the right kind of substrate and bedding for your snake. We have found the best 7 bedding options for your snake.

Sand: One of the most common substrates is sand. It is very aesthetically pleasing to use the sand and can experiment with different types of decor as well. Snakes comfortably burrow in this sand, and it can also get soiled very quickly. It can be harmful to your snake when ingested which is why one must be careful when choosing it. Its visual appeal is great but also is required to be replaced completely on a regular basis.

Paper towels: One of the popular types of beddings for pet snakes is paper towels. Paper towels are extremely accessible and affordable as well. You can spread these paper towels in their cages and are quite absorbent. They are also easy to clean up and replace at the same time. However, there are a few downsides when using paper towels - it does not absorb odor and it also does not allow your pet snakes to burrow.

Carpet: Another bedding option for a pet snake is using a carpet. The carpeting as the name suggests can be found in your house itself. If you have a carpet already, you can take a few pieces and then use them as bedding for your pet snake. It is absorbent and works well for your pets. However, maintaining carpet bedding can be difficult. It can get soiled easily and cleaning it can be a difficult task.

Artificial turf: Like the carpet, an artificial turf is a good form of snake bedding. Not only can it turn out to be a good form of decor for your balcony but you can also take pieces from this turf and create a substrate. It is easy to clean and quite durable. Snakes cannot burrow in this turf but they do find it comfortable. 

Aspen shavings: As the name suggests, aspen shavings are shavings made of cedar and pine. These shavings are ideal for snakes that are smaller in size and do not need high levels of humidity. Aspen shavings are available in a variety of online mediums. It can also be used for pets like squirrels or guinea pigs. It is not ideal for larger snakes.

Cypress mulch: Another common snake bedding option is cypress mulch. It is attractive and does not have an overwhelming smell to it. It is not expensive to buy and you will have to readily clean it. One tip is that you could bake it in an oven to make sure that insects can stay away. It can absorb a lot of water, without getting rotten. 

Artificial Bedding: Artificial bedding is also another popular and convenient bedding option. One can shop online. These artificial bedding options are also good to look at and can be cleaned easily. They are much more ideal for snakes that require higher humidity conditions.

These are bedding options where you can look for your snakes! Hope you find our article helpful, happy shopping.

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