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Common Cat Diet Mistakes

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While pet cats are individualistic for the most part, their feeding is your responsibility and they will need more than just kibble throughout the day. There might be a few common cat diet mistakes that you might be making! What are they?

Overfeeding: It is one of the most common mistakes made by pet parents. Obesity is considered a very common nutritional disease. Obesity can be the root cause of many fatal diseases which is why it is important to make sure that you focus on it. It is mostly because the owners might not know how much the cat required, on top of that cats are known to have sedentary lifestyles. The recommended range is from 24-35 calories per pound to make sure they stay healthy.

Dry food: Often a lot of pet owners opt to give their Best cats dry food only out of convenience and thinking it has fewer calories. An important aspect to understand is that to bind these dry kibble, carbohydrate is required. This results in dry food having more calories as compared to wet food. It is important to incorporate both. Wet food can also keep them full for a considerably longer time. Cat food and treats can be more convenient, however, a combination of both works best for their nutrition. 

Not enough hydration: With diet comes the need to make sure that your pet is drinking enough water. This is why it is important to provide them with hydration along with wet food. Cats prefer running water over stagnant water, so you can get fountain water bowls. It can be a good idea to keep water available where they like to be. Pet parents also complain that their cats often do not drink enough water from bowls, playing around with a hose and making them drink water can work better. 

Making your cats go vegetarian: While it can be your personal choice when it comes to what kind of a diet you want to follow, it is important to understand your cats are carnivores. They need meat. When they do not get meat, your cats might lose their eyesight as well.

Free-feeding: If you are working and have to go out for considerable amounts of hours, chances are you indulge in the free-feeding of your pets. This means that you leave food packets for them to eat at their discretion. You must avoid it. This can make them lethargic and bored. Instead, give them only the amount of food they require.

To avoid free-feeding, put out Best wet food for cat in their bowls, and while you have to go. If you are going to be out for more hours, you can also place these bowls at multiple spots around the house. However, give them a measured amount. Even on day outs, where you are traveling with them do not indulge in free-feeding.

Not getting them checked regularly: Cats like dogs also go through different life stages and based on this, their nutritional requirements will change. This means you need to make sure their diet is evolving. It is imperative to get them checked regularly and provide them with the food they need.

Not only do they have different nutritional requirements, but they might also become allergic to certain foods as they grow up. For example, cats cannot digest milk as they grow up. Even though a lot of TV shows and general assumptions say that cats love milk. It can be very crucial for your pet’s health to keep updating their diet.

These are some of the common mistakes made by pet parents which you can avoid! Hope this blog helped you.

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