Zilla Canopy Series Fluorescent UVB/UVA Bulbs Desert 20 W

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Animals That Live Under A Canopy Or In Rock Crevices Usually Don't Get As Much Direct Sunlight, Therefore, Their UVB Needs Are Lower. Zilla Canopy UVB/UVA Bulbs Provide Lower Intensity UVB And UVA For These Specific Animals.

Key Benefits

  • Great For Reptiles And Amphibians That Require Low Intensity Levels.
  • Provides UVA And UVB For Calcium Absorption.
  • Fits In A Standard 8.5" Or Larger Dome.
  • Ideal For Snakes And Desert Geckos.
  • Provides 12-16 Microwatts Of UVB At 12".

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