Vitakraft Vita Smart Sugar Glider Food 1.75lbs

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Specially-formulated, high protein Vitakraft VitaSmart Sugar Glider Food includes a mix of vegetables (such as carrots and parsley), five different fruit juices (mango, kiwi, cherry, apple, and apricot), freeze dried mealworms, and a touch of honey. This formula contains a wide variety of unique ingredients to create a pellet that your pet will find tasty and a healthy start to a balanced diet.

  • Specially Fortified With Vitamins And Minerals.
  • Includes Flax Meal, Honey And Garden Vegetables.
  • Contains Mango, Kiwi, Cherry, Apple And Apricot Juices That Your Sugar Glider Will Find Tastes Great.
  • Dha Omega-3 Promotes Brain Health And Development, Heart Function And Vision
  • Resealable Bag Retains Freshness.

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