Red Sea Salt Bucket 55gal

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Red sea salt contains biologically balanced, elevated levels of the foundation elements (calcium, magnesium, carbonates) necessary for sustainable, accelerated coral growth. Red sea salt is ideal for reef aquariums, in particular for LPS and SPS corals, and for growing coral frags. Natural seawater includes over 70 chemical elements and although most of the elements influence the water parameters, a few of them have a more significant role in its overall chemical stability. These elements form the foundation of the reef environment and they include the three major elements: calcium, magnesium and bi-carbonates.
  • The Sea Salt Mix Is Excellent For Mature Reef And Low Nutrient Systems
  • The Three Main Foundation Elements Will Effect The Water Chemistry To The Good
  • The Sea Salt Mix Will Balance Levels Of Foundation Elements
  • Package Dimensions: 6.0" L X 6.0" W X 10.0" H

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