Aqueon Algae Rounds Algae Rounds 3 oz

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Ideal For Bottom Dwelling Fish Such As Plecostomus, Loaches, Catfish, Shrimp And More. Aqueon Rounds Sink And Dissolve More Slowly To Continuously Provide Food That Accommodates Bottom-feeder's Typical Eating Habits. Aqueon Algae Rounds Contain Natural Vegetable Sources, Such As Spirulina And Kelp, Which Algae Eaters Prefer. If Necessary, Break Rounds Into Pieces To Prevent Overfeeding. Satisfaction Guarantee.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal For Bottom Dwelling Fish.
  • Naturally Attract Fish With Premium Ingredients That Include Natural Vegetable Sources Such As Spirulina And Kelp That Algae Feeders Prefer.
  • Formulated So That Fish Utilize More Of What They Eat And Create Less Waste.
  • Supports A Healthy Immune System, Brings Out Their True Colors And Provides The Essentials For Proper Growth And Vitality.
  • Ideal For Hillstream Loaches, Herbivorous Plecos, Dwarf Shrimp, Mbuna Cichlids And Redtail Sharks.


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