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Why We Celebrate International Cat Day?

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Ever wondered why we celebrate International Cat Day? Is it required to name a particular day for cats? August 8th of every year is celebrated as International Cat Day. It is a day that is dedicated to showering extra love and care and spending the whole day with cute feline friends. It is the day that is solely devoted to cats and is beneficial to increasing the bond between cats and humans.

Why We Celebrate International Cat Day?

International Cat Day was founded in 2002 by International Fund for Animal Welfare. It was mainly started to increase awareness to keep feline animals safe and secure. This day acts as a promoter for the safety and well-being of cats worldwide. Thus, this day is a great opportunity to increase the special bond between cats and humans. 

It is believed that cats are one of the most loved members of any family if a cat or kitten is there as a pet. They are very interactive pets and function more than any companion pet as pet studies and research show that interactions with cats have shown improvement in anxiety, relieving stress, improvement in mental health, reduction in the feeling of loneliness, and also depression relief. This day is an acknowledgment of this companionship. 

What are the ways to celebrate International Cat Day?

There are various ways to shower your love and care on your feline pets. As it is well said that when efforts are made by both parties on anything, joy and value for that develop eventually. Similarly, celebrating a whole day with cats and accomplishing certain activities improves the bond between cats and humans. However, there are still various methods using which a cat day can be made more memorable. Some of them are as follows:

Volunteer to any cat shelter:

International Cat Day is not only about having fun with cats or kittens. It is mainly about creating awareness about the importance of keeping feline pets safe and secure. This is especially for those cats who don’t have homes and parents to be taken care of. 

You can simply visit any local shelter on this day and offer to play with the cats up for adoption, bathe, feed cats, groom, provide litter boxes, or do anything else they require assistance with. 

Adopt a cat from any cat rescue or local shelter:

Who doesn’t like to get a perfect place and environment to live in? If you are ready to adopt a cute feline friend as your pet, this is the perfect method to celebrate international cat day. This will help cats with a perfect home that will be completely safe and secure for them.

Take your cat for a grooming session:

While discussing feline pets, they are known as self-groomers which means they like to get cleaned and groomed by themselves. You can surprise your cat with a great grooming session or even dress them up with a nice adorable dress with several other cat products available in the marketplace like hats for cats, scarf, a feathered boa, glasses, etc.

Treat your cat with your favorite food or snacks:

Our little feline companions enjoy and like to have their meal plates full of flavourful food and snacks that must be very scrumptious. Cat food,  cat treats, and chews play a crucial role in making your cute feline pets happier. Kwik Pets understands the importance of keeping your cats and kittens happy hence serving the best quality cat food that you can shop easily at an affordable price.

Spoil your cat just for international cat day:

Treats and toys are the rewards for showing extra love and affection towards anyone. This is the perfect day to buy cat toys from Kwik Pets for your little furry pets as it will make them jump out of happiness. These toys and treats will make them feel like a VIP on this great day. This will make them happier that they wanted to thank you with their lovely cuddles. 

Hire a professional photographer:

Memories are ever-lasting things to adore. Photography is a great way to store all the moments in photographs so that they can be cherished forever. Surprise little furry pets with a nice photo shoot on this day. Through this, you will also be able to share cute adorable photos of cats and kittens on social media and bloom your social media account on this day. 

Throw a party:

You can also throw a cat-themed party on this international cat day for your cute little kitty or cat and invite your friends and their pets to make this day more memorable and enjoyable. 

There are several ways to honour and shower love on cats and kittens. Some of them are mentioned above. However, there are several other things that one finds helpful to please pets. There is no specific day that is required to make little felines feel safe and secure. Every day should be celebrated as Cat Day so that they also should feel valued as they are also really important to maintain a proper ecosystem in the environment.

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