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Greenies For Dogs: Taking Care Of Dogs Bad Breath, Teeth And Gums

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Have you ever felt regret when your dog leans down to give you a few loving face licks? 

We don't want to offend them, but occasionally our dog's breath can be offensive, just like ours can be if we don't practice good hygiene. Sometimes, despite the cliche that "dogs' mouths are cleaner than humans!" we may not take or think about our dog's dental care as seriously as one should. There are actions we can do to maintain and enhance our dog's oral health, which is a crucial component of their overall health. 

"Greenies for dogs" are a brand name for a popular oral health product. 

What Are Greenies? 

Simply mentioned Greenies are dog treats that are dental hygiene. They resemble a small green half-dogbone, half-toothbrush object if you've never seen one, but fortunately, our dogs don't notice that. They also come in tablet form with flavored pill pockets; however, dog owners don't appear to favor these as much. 

Greenies help keep plaque and tartar accumulation off of our dog's teeth and gums, just like our toothpaste and dentist do for our own teeth. Greenies pet treats also aid in freshening the breath of our buddies who have bad breath. They've even debuted a brand-new item called "Breath Busters Bites," which resembles Altoids for dogs. 

How Do Greenies Dental Chews Help Keep A Dog’s Teeth Clean?

The Nutro Company is serious about tooth health, which is why its Greenies tooth Chews have a unique form and texture that maximize dental effectiveness. With each bite, dogs are encouraged to sink their teeth deeper into the chewy texture, and the rounded 'bristles' wrap around their teeth for better contact. To control plaque and tartar buildup, movement of the teeth into and against these bristles produces a brushing action resembling that of a toothbrush.

In comparison to dogs consuming dry dog food alone, recent independent studies show that giving dogs one Greenies pill pockets Dental Chew per day results in plaque and tartar buildup that is 60% and 33% less in 28 days.

In between routine cleanings, a dog's oral health must be maintained daily with proper dental care. Clinical studies have shown that Greenies Dental Chews, when taken once daily, effectively reduce tartar accumulation by an average of 60% and plaque buildup to maintain healthy gums.

Greenies for Dogs are dental treats specifically designed to promote oral health in dogs. They are popular for their ability to help with various dental issues, including bad breath, teeth, and gum health. Here's how Greenies can benefit dogs:

Bad Breath

One of the most common reasons pet owners give their dogs Greenies is to combat bad breath. Greenies are formulated to help control and reduce foul breath by addressing the buildup of plaque and tartar, which can be a major contributor to bad breath in dogs.

Teeth Cleaning

Greenies have a unique texture and shape that allows them to function as a toothbrush when chewed. As dogs bite and chew on the treat, its texture helps to scrub away plaque and tartar from the teeth's surface. This can contribute to better overall dental hygiene and may reduce the risk of dental issues such as cavities and gum disease.

Gum Health

Healthy gums are vital for a dog's oral well-being. Greenies dog treats can help maintain gum health by massaging and stimulating the gums during the chewing process. This can improve blood circulation in the gum tissues and reduce the risk of gum problems.

It's important to note that while Greenies can be beneficial for many dogs, they are not a substitute for regular dental care, including professional teeth cleaning by a veterinarian. Additionally, not all dogs may be suitable candidates for dental treats, especially those with specific dental issues or dietary restrictions. Always consult your veterinarian before introducing any new treats or supplements to your dog's diet.

When using Greenies or any dental treats, it's essential to provide them in moderation and ensure that they are an appropriate size for your dog's breed and weight. Feeding them responsibly, along with regular teeth brushing and dental check-ups, can contribute to your dog's overall oral health and well-being.

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Final Words

Feed your dog the dental care treats like Greenies Dental Treats. Before visits to the vet for routine checkups and cleanings. The Veterinary Oral Health Council has approved these treats as a means of preventing tartar formation. A fantastic method to assist and encourage oral health in your dog is to give them a Greenies Dental Treat once per day. Dogs also enjoy the flavor of Greenies, so they will appreciate receiving a delectable reward that is also healthy for their teeth and mouth.

By creating a dental care routine for your dog to help keep their mouth clean and fresh, you can say goodbye to bad breath and smelly kisses.

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