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Why Do Dogs Go Crazy For Greenies?

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If you own a dog, you've definitely heard of Greenies for Dogs, the green toothbrush-shaped dental chews available at most big-box pet stores.

Greenies are one of the most well-known "dental treat" brands.

But, should they be that well-liked? Is their product truly amazing, or is it the result of good marketing and packaging?

What if We told you that giving your greenies pet treat for dental maintenance does more help than you imagined?

Why are Greenies so Addictive?

Greenies are said to be all-natural, but no one can dispute they perform what they are supposed to do. While giving a treat, eliminate foul breath and clean teeth.

 While this is true, no one knows what in the Greenies' treats causes dogs to exhibit the oddest addictive behavior. Greenies pill pockets, on the other hand, have been the subject of much debate, with several negative effects and even deaths being linked to sweets. But here will tell you why Greenies are the ideal choice for your dogs. 

Not Harmful to the Gums

As previously said, the key selling point for greenies dog treats is their chewiness. This is especially significant because dogs prefer chewy toothbrushes to the harsh, brittle ones they're used to.

Dogs' gums become agitated when they bite into those hard goods with such vigor. Though it is believed to soften over time, dogs endure the most pain before the product softens.

When the product becomes soft enough to accomplish its job, dogs lose interest and, in worst-case scenarios, avoid such dental items. If your dog has a negative first experience with edible toothbrushes, it will develop an unhealthy habit of refusing to clean its teeth.

As a result, dogs that have had hard, brittle snacks will be entering a whole new world with Greenies.

This treat is not only chewy, making it a delightful eating experience for them, but it is also made of wheat and is quite soft. They get to chew on things for extended periods of time without having their gums inflamed or their teeth sore from hard chewing.

As a result, Greenies are the more popular option: it hurts less and are more enjoyable for dogs to chew.

Breath Buster Bites From Greenies

Finally, there are some biscuit-like bites. Greenies pet treat are more specialized for eliminating foul breath, which also involves eradicating the bacteria in your dog's mouth.

It acts like a mint and is effective as a chemical therapy, although it is less effective at scraping off plaques. However, if your dog simply refuses to do anything for its dental health, you do have this alternative!

As a result, Greenies' dog versions are just another reason why the brand is beloved by both owners and their pets.


If your dog has been chewing on standard dental products for entertainment, Greenies can provide both taste and entertainment! There are numerous flavors and varieties available from the official Greenies store.

They feature pumpkin spice, blueberry, the original, minty smell, and gingerbread flavors. Already, the variety keeps your dog engaged in the product and the overall dental cleaning experience.

We propose changing it up for your buddy every now and again to help them be more obedient when it comes to cleaning their teeth.

Because most dogs have oral problems before the age of three, getting into the habit of brushing their teeth is especially crucial for puppies. A wide range of flavors can aid you and your dog with that!

Pill Pockets

If your dog isn't a fan of the delicious, chewy brush idea but you still need to take care of your dog's oral health, pill pockets can help!

In fact, because chicken flavors are available, it's ideal for dogs who enjoy eating meat. They don't have to chew as long as they would with toothbrush items while still obtaining all of the nourishment they need to maintain good oral health.

This one is also chewy and soft, ensuring that the gum is always protected.

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To Sum Up 

GREENIES Dog Chews' unique texture cleans down to the gum line to battle plaque and tartar and freshens breath. The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) recommends and accepts GREENIES Treats for Dogs.GREENIES Original Dental Treats are an excellent way to treat your dog.

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