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Savory Prime

Rawhide bones, dog chews, and chicken jerky in all forms may be found at Savoury Prime. We have rawhide bones, chews, rawhide rolls, chicken jerky, and chip-a-roos for every dog, from the tiniest puppy to the most ferocious chewer. 

100% American prime cow skins were used to make the rawhide snacks. perfectly dried in the oven. stringent GFSI food quality requirements were followed during inspection and testing.  It controls tartar, maintains teeth and gums healthy, and satisfies a dog's innate need to chew. Savory is made entirely from excellent American beef hides. It is Perfectly dried in an oven inspected, tested, and compliant with rigorous GFSI food quality requirements. And also controls tartar, maintains teeth and gums healthy, and satisfies a dog's innate need to chew. It is 100% high-protein duck breast that has been hand-sliced into duck jerky with a rich flavor. The best reward or training treat for all dog breeds and sizes. provides fiber and protein in addition to the necessary vitamins and minerals. promotes healthy chewing practices.

Made following USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) specifications. The treat is good for all Dog sizes. The treat tastes like duck flavor to pets and it is kind of jerky with a weight of 16 Oz. With no grains in it. Pet snacks with fresh ingredients!  We are proud of our range of snacks and are always coming up with new ideas to provide your pet family members with better-tasting, healthier options.  Rawhide bones can be replaced with beggar bones.  All dogs can safely consume Beggar Bones, which are over 99% digestible.  Our bones are made with real beef and chicken, so your dog will adore the delicious flavor!

Frequently Asked Questions

Not for ingestion by humans. fantastic for all sizes of dogs. For more fantastic Savoury Prime treats and items for your pets, visit our website. Guaranteed by Savoury Prime: Inspected.
Rawhide treats are significantly less likely to harm a dog's teeth than bones or hooves, according to research, and chewing on them helps clean teeth and can help prevent the development of dental disease.
Although Savoury has two types and requires two separate growing seasons, the ASPCA lists both of them as non-toxic to dogs. The flavor of summer savory is strong and peppery, and it goes well with beans, meats, and vegetables.
In general, rawhides are difficult to digest, which is why swallowing large pieces that have been split off pose such substantial blockage concerns. Your dog's food will not be as thoroughly broken down if any bits are broken off, therefore they will need to be passed through his digestive system in chunks.
Kwik Pets have a wide variety of savory treats for pets. We offer products at cost-effective pricing with great quality. Also, we deliver the products in lesser time, so the pets can enjoy them quickly.